Holiday intrude into the canyon

This threatens both the geological reserves, and by the cottages, which are at risk of literally fall through the zemlyu5 August in the village of Nazia Kirov district of Leningrad region will be public hearings. The issue is the change of use of land area of 312, 000 square meters. M: to transfer him from the agricultural land in a different category – for sale for cottage construction. However, this part – an integral part of the State of the monument complex nature of the “Lava River Canyon,” with its unique flora and fauna. Lava River Canyon – this is the only one in the Northwest Geological Reserve, and very poorly studied. In general, the territory – a storehouse of scientific discoveries for geologists, botanists, zoologists and historians. In the Soviet era there were archeological excavations was discovered a cultural layer VIII century, but in connection with the restructuring and the subsequent disintegration of the country all the scientific work was stopped. However, that was discovered very curious karst cave in the 170 meters in length, and is unique for this area are rare species of birds, animals and plants. Village Settlement, standing on the edge of the State of the monument complex nature of the “Lava River Canyon” – a place that has historical significance for St. Petersburg. At the moment it was in pre-Petrine Settlement settled customs, it is here the beginning of Peter’s troops besiege the Swedes. Now from all this, there were only Petrovsky Bridge, the remains of the watermill and the fragments of a paved road. On the edge of the field, which is located outside the village of ancient settlement, fortification walls still visible. In Soviet times the field of grazing cows, and then – the usual story – collapsed livestock enterprise, and when the farmers had finished the last of cows, there were clever characters who actually bought for a pittance allotments. People are not going to breed cattle, it is a troublesome thing, but with time to resell the land – is simple and profitable. The only problem for them – it is a translation of land from one category to another. In August 2008 an attempt was made to hold public hearings in Nazievskom municipality, but then the local MPs have expressed principles and with reference to the law of the land and the fact that this territory is under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Natural Resources and Environment of the Government of Leningrad region, rejected the transfer of land to another category. But members of the Naziyskogo municipality has changed, and it is likely that even in the absence of relevant legal authority at the public hearing will be made right for the new owners of the land decision. If this happens, the future owners of houses not to be envied: the legality of the construction of buildings on agricultural land would be a big question, and the field itself is in a very loose sediments, as evidenced by sinkholes – the farmers are not just pulled out one of their cows with broken legs, it is likely that some of the cottages just provalyatsya. Nikolay Kukharskiy, Photo by author

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